A bridge is a great solution to fill gaps

Why should I replace missing teeth?

Your appearance is one reason. Another is that the gap left by a missing tooth can mean more strain is put on the teeth at either side. A gap can also mean your ‘bite' is affected, because the teeth next to the space can lean into the gap and change the way the upper and lower teeth bite together. This can then lead to food getting packed into the gap, which causes tooth decay and gum disease.

How are missing teeth replaced?

Spread the cost of your dental treatment

At Paddock Dental, we understand it can be difficult to pay for your treatments. This is why we offer a range of Denplan schemes that help you budget for your routine dental care and treatment by affordable monthly payments. There are several plans available to you.

Denplan Care Denplan covers restorative care including fillings, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges (lab fees excluded), it also covers Hygienist appointments at our practice.

Are you Mouthaware?

When it comes to cancer, we might like to think that we're pretty clued up. It's now fairly established that we should be aware and proactive in checking for an unusual lump to the breasts or testicles in the search for cancer.

But is that the same for mouth cancer and if not, what should we be looking for?

The number of people diagnosed with mouth cancer in the United Kingdom has now exceeded 7,500 a year, an increase of more than two thirds (68%) over the last 20 years, making it one of the nation's fastest increasing cancers.

Charity uncovers overwhelming support for ban on sale of energy drinks for under 16’s

The Oral Health Foundation is calling for a change in the law to ban the sale of energy drinks to under 16’s in the United Kingdom.

New research reveals the proposed legislation is now backed by more than nine in ten (93%) British adults, with even greater support (98%) coming from those with children.1

Some national supermarkets introduced a ban earlier this year on the sale of energy drinks to under 16’s, with those buying drinks with over 150mg of caffeine per litre needing to provide proof of age.