If you have an emergency and are registered with our Private Dentist in Handforth, we will normally see you within the same day.  We are still registering new private patients, and if you would like to register with our Private Dentist in Handforth you can contact us here.


It is National Mouth Cancer month and here at our Private Dentist in Handforth and we take this matter very seriously.  As part of our routine checkups we screen for mouth cancer so we can pick up any changes early.  If you have any concerns about changes in your mouth, please contact our Private Dentist and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.  We are currently registering new private patients. 


What is Mouth cancer?


What holiday worries dentists everywhere? Halloween. Although it's a time for shrieks, costumes and lots of candy, this haunted holiday can wreak havoc on your kids' (and your) teeth. But it doesn't have to. Avoid an unnecessary trip to your Handforth Dentist by following some easy guidelines and potentially avoiding damage to your teeth.


A child's smile is super endearing, with the gaps between the teeth adding to the cuteness factor. However, many parents fret that this may not be normal.


At birth people usually have 20 baby teeth, which start to erupt through the gum from about six months of age. Generally all the first set of teeth are visible by three years old. They are shed at various times throughout childhood. By age 21, all 32 of the permanent teeth have typically erupted.