CEREC one visit crown at your Cosmetic Dentist

If you are in need of a crown, CEREC one-visit crowns are a great solution as the preparation and fitting is done on the same day. A traditional crown can be a lengthy process. So just a single visit to our Cosmetic Dentist  in Handforth is all you will need.

Ensure your teeth whitening is safe

Teeth Whitening should be carried out by your cosmetic dentist to ensure significant and safe results.  It is illegal for unlicensed people to carry out teeth whitening due to the complexity and the dangers of this procedure.  Our cosmetic dentist can help you achieve great results with teeth whitening and ensure that no harm comes to you.  If you are interested in having your teeth whitened, please contact our cosmetic dentist here.

Get a dazzling new smile

A beautiful smile can make a significant difference to your confidence and general feelings of well being. That’s why so many people look for good, reliable cosmetic help every year. With the outstanding care provided by our cosmetic dentist, you can face the people in your life with an improved sense of confidence and wellbeing.

The most common cosmetic dentist  services are:

Professional Teeth Whitening

Quick Straight Teeth at our Cosmetic Dentist

If you want to straighten your smile but don’t feel comfortable having to wear unappealing metal braces, Invisalign at our Cosmetic Dentist Handforth provides the perfect solution.  And of course you will not have to wait for long NHS waiting times.  With Invisalign retainers you can see a marked difference in your smile in just 3 months.