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Mouth Cancer screening at our Private Dentist in Handforth

When it comes to cancer, we might like to think that we're pretty clued up. It's now fairly established that we should be aware and proactive in checking for an unusual lump to the breasts or testicles in the search for cancer.


But is that the same for mouth cancer and if not, what should we be looking for?

Invisalign OPEN DAY! at Paddock Dental 7 December 2017

Paddock Dental will be hosting an Invisalign Open Day on 7th December

  • FREE CONSULTATION and a chance to use the amazing 3D digital scanner
  • Up to £400 off treatment FREE Tooth Whitening worth £299 (if you take up treatment)
  • Goody Bag
  • 0% Finance available

Call now on 01625 527600 to book your FREE CONSULTATION for this event as places are limited

or Please fill out an enquiry form below

Emergency Dentist in Handforth

If you have an emergency and are registered with our Private Dentist in Handforth, we will normally see you within the same day.  We are still registering new private patients, and if you would like to register with our Private Dentist in Handforth you can contact us here.


National Mouth Cancer Month at our Private Dentist in Handforth

It is National Mouth Cancer month and here at our Private Dentist in Handforth and we take this matter very seriously.  As part of our routine checkups we screen for mouth cancer so we can pick up any changes early.  If you have any concerns about changes in your mouth, please contact our Private Dentist and we will be happy to arrange an appointment.  We are currently registering new private patients. 


What is Mouth cancer?


Take care of your sweet teeth over Halloween

What holiday worries dentists everywhere? Halloween. Although it's a time for shrieks, costumes and lots of candy, this haunted holiday can wreak havoc on your kids' (and your) teeth. But it doesn't have to. Avoid an unnecessary trip to your Handforth Dentist by following some easy guidelines and potentially avoiding damage to your teeth.


Handforth Dentist will make your children smile

A child's smile is super endearing, with the gaps between the teeth adding to the cuteness factor. However, many parents fret that this may not be normal.


At birth people usually have 20 baby teeth, which start to erupt through the gum from about six months of age. Generally all the first set of teeth are visible by three years old. They are shed at various times throughout childhood. By age 21, all 32 of the permanent teeth have typically erupted.

NHS drive to get children to see dentist at age one

With a rising number of youngsters losing teeth to decay, parents are being urged to seek professional help early.


Parents should take their children to the dentist by the age of one, according to the chief dental officer, as part of an NHS drive to reduce high rates of tooth extractions among pre-school children.

Sara Hurley, the chief dental officer for England, says infants should visit the dentist when their first teeth emerge, usually at around six months.


Enjoy the full range of NHS treatments at our NHS Dentist in Handforth

A couple in need of dental care say they had to pull out their own teeth because no NHS dentist will treat them.


A BBC News analysis of 2,500 dental practices on the NHS Choices website found half were not accepting new adult NHS patients, while two-fifths were not accepting new child NHS patients.

The British Dental Association (BDA) said the figures reflected an "emerging crisis" in dental care in England.


NHS England said 95% of people seeking an appointment could get one.


Government underfunding contributing to a dental crisis

Following a BBC News analysis that discovered half of dental practices on the NHS Choices website were not accepting new patients in England, leading health charity the Oral Health Foundation wants to see more investment and funding put into NHS dentistry.

The charity supports calls declaring the figures as an "emerging crisis" in dental care in England and want to see the government act urgently to prevent the problem increasing further. 

Membership plans available at Paddock Dental Practice

At Paddock Dental, we understand it can be difficult to pay for your treatments. This is why we offer a range of Denplan schemes that help you budget for your routine dental care and treatment by affordable monthly payments. There are several plans available to you.

Denplan Care Denplan covers restorative care including fillings, root canal treatment, crowns and bridges (lab fees excluded), it also covers Hygienist appointments at our practice.